PR Publications and Its Importance

November 17, 2008
Public Relations has totally gave me new insight on how and why things are. On a daily basis we often take the smallest things for granted and fail to pay attention to detail. At the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say that my interest level in Publications was not at its highest point. Computers are not my thing. This may be because my very expensive laptop was stolen a couple of years ago and I have yet to replace it. With that being said, I may have fallen behind on my computer skills. All in all I have struggled a little in the class thus far. But, I am eager to learn more about Publications and the many secrets to creating wonderful works of art.

After the student demonstrations I have come to see that there is much more to publications than font sizes and clip art. A lot of helpful information was given and my understanding for InDesign has improved. I’m still no where near where I need to be but progression is always positive. I believe that with every new task one learns, practice is a pertinent aspect on whether or not one masters the task. I believe with a little more practice and patience I will become better familiar with InDesign, and my final newsletter and end of the semester projects will reflect what i have learned. I hope that my work demonstrates the effort that I have put forth into trying to learn how to better make publications and that with a little more practice I to can be a master at InDesign.


Where are We and Where are We Going?

September 17, 2008

The world today is filled with many unexpectations and letdowns. When I think of the U.S. as a whole the words Panic and Anarchy come to mind. The foundation of our nation has digressed to Westernization and our standard of living isn’t a standard at all, but more so survival. Our nation is at a stand still and the need for progression and change is long past due. Who will be our savior and most importantly can we still be saved? Everything in the world is going up! Will that also include suicide rates and crime. Where has all of the crime and drug prevention brought us but into major debt. Why are we still at war and why have numerous lives been sacrificed? The distinction between right and wrong used to be so apparent. Now decisions seem over simplified or vague and the things that are supposed to be bad for you make you feel so good. Is all lost or is this the begining of a new era that no one is ready for? Where are we and Where are We Going?

Hello world!

September 17, 2008

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