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PR Publications and Its Importance

November 17, 2008
Public Relations has totally gave me new insight on how and why things are. On a daily basis we often take the smallest things for granted and fail to pay attention to detail. At the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say that my interest level in Publications was not at its highest point. Computers are not my thing. This may be because my very expensive laptop was stolen a couple of years ago and I have yet to replace it. With that being said, I may have fallen behind on my computer skills. All in all I have struggled a little in the class thus far. But, I am eager to learn more about Publications and the many secrets to creating wonderful works of art.

After the student demonstrations I have come to see that there is much more to publications than font sizes and clip art. A lot of helpful information was given and my understanding for InDesign has improved. I’m still no where near where I need to be but progression is always positive. I believe that with every new task one learns, practice is a pertinent aspect on whether or not one masters the task. I believe with a little more practice and patience I will become better familiar with InDesign, and my final newsletter and end of the semester projects will reflect what i have learned. I hope that my work demonstrates the effort that I have put forth into trying to learn how to better make publications and that with a little more practice I to can be a master at InDesign.